The games offered by can be played for entertainment without real money or for real money. Players can make their choice by clicking the game icon and selecting either “Play for Cash” or “Play for Fun”.

Games in the “Play for Cash” section start with the player placing their bets and ends with the winnings transferred to the player’s credit or the player losing the bet.

The description of each game contains information about the terms and procedure of participating in specific games and the probability of winning in percentage terms.

Winnings are paid out to people who are at least 21 years old.

Winnings are paid out not later than within four calendar days to the same account from which the player made a contribution for playing.

All information about the contributions made by the player, payouts and bonuses with transaction dates, times, amounts and details of the transaction parties can be viewed under ‘Account’ in the menu.

If a player loses connection in the middle of a game when they are playing for money, they can view their latest score after logging in again in the 'Game History' window under the 'Help' function of the relevant game.

Faults cancel all payouts and scores.

Players must send their complaints by e-mail to [email protected] Complaints shall be resolved within a reasonable time but not later than within two weeks.